CRYSTAL Demagnetiser


Product Details:
  • Condition : New

  • Used for removing surface residual magnetism of round & square jobs

  • Operate on 415 volt 2 phase A/c Supply

  • Suitable for continuous duty cycle

  • Current 10 amps

  • Fibre body is used for scratch free demagnetising

  • MCB is provided for safety

  • Special sizes are manufactured as per requirement

Mini Demagnetizers

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

Mini Demagnetizer thoroughly Demagnetizes Tool, Dies, Punches , Cutter Parts etc. simply by
sliding Mini Demagnetizer over the surface of the item, to be Demagnetized.
Pressing the single pole momentary switch sets up a field of flux which neutralizes magnetism.
Releasing the switch automatically shuts off the unit.
Supplied with 5 feet of oil resistance cord and work on 220 v single phase Alternative Current.


Sr. no.Cat No.Dimensions

Window Type Demagnetizer

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

  • Merely using tools to pass through or move in to a tunnel will cause good demagnetizing effects.
  • Suitable for planned automatic process; be adapted for delivery belts to proceed in order to increase
  • productivity.
  • Suitable for large production of component spare parts, attachments, tools…etc.
  • Suitable for longtime use; be able to use continuously for 24 hours.
  • Super efficacy in demagnetizing; suitable for many kinds of metals.
  • We can also attach a fan on customer requirement for dissipating heat.
  • We can also provide conveyor machine with this demagnetizer on customer demand

Round Type Demagnetizer

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

Similar to Cat. No. AA-2516 but with Round Head suitable for round jobs, press tool dies & components,
irregular shape jobs and bearings.


Sr. no. Cat No. Dimensions
1.AA-2518Dia 40 x 80 mm length 200 mm Handle Length


Product Details:
  • Condition: New

The “Crystal” plate Demagnetizer effectively removes surface residual magnetism from high
speed steel, Chrome, Spearing Steel or die steel.
As the magnetic poles contact the object to be demagnetized, the magnetism is released. Thick
objects may be demagnetized by applying both ends to the Demagnetiser.
“Crystal” Brand Demagnetizers are supplied with ON/OFF switch and additional foot switch for
Demagnetizers utilize 220 V single phase alternatives electrical current.


Sr. no.Cat No.Dimensions
1.AA-2511150X100 mm (6" X 4")
2.AA-2512150X150 mm (6" X 6")
3.AA-2513150X225 mm (6" X 9")
4.AA-2514150X300 mm (6" X 12")
5.AA-2515350X350 mm (14" X 14")

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-251
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