Crystal Magnetic Square Blocks With 2 Vee

V Type Transfer Blocks

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

‘V’ type Transfer Blocks are similar to Cat No.AA-1551 but with one 90??? V Groove.
These blocks transfer the magnetism form chuck to the components.
Useful for holding cylindrical as well as odd jobs.
The Blocks are ground all over with the accuracy for flatness, parallelism and squareness ± 0.005


Sr. No.Cat. No.Sizes mm
1AA-156150 x 45 x 60
2AA-1562110 x 45 x 60
3AA-156375 x 35 x 65
4AA-1564100 x 35 x 65
5AA-156560 x 45 x 60

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-156

Magnetic Square Blocks With 2 Vee

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

In Built Features: 

  1. Permanent powerful magnet.

  2. ON and OFF Switch.

  3. Ideal for holding round or irregular shapes.

  4. All surfaces and vees are precision ground.

  5. 3 Faces Top and both sides are magnetized.

  6. Accuracy for flatness, parallelism and squareness is within 0.005 mm.


Cat No.


1.AA-1938100 L X 100 W X 100H
2.AA-1939150 L X 150W X 150H

Transfer Blocks

Transfer Blocks are very useful for grinding thin & odd shape jobs. It is used with magnetic
chuck. Magnetic Transfer Blocks provide the simplest method of extending the flux of any
magnetic chuck with parallel poles to support work pieces above the chuck face.
They do not alter the pole spacing. Always place the laminations in line with inner poles of the
chucks, and within the area of the inner poles. When setting up place chuck blocks so as that the
maximum number of magnetic loops pass through the work pieces.
In such cases, ensure that sufficient securing rivets remain to hold the laminations firmly


Sr. No.Cat. No.Dimensions mm L W H
1AA-155150 X 100 X 35 mm
2AA-155260 X 75 X 30 mm
3AA-155350 X 75 X 75 mm
4AA-155450 X 100 X 50 mm
5AA-155580 X 120 X 25 mm
6AA-155660 X 100 X 25 mm
7AA-155750 X 100 X 20 mm

We also manufacturer the transfer block as per the customer requirement.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-155
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