Crystal Non Magnetic V Blocks

Non- Magnetic 'V' Blocks

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

The ‘V’ Blocks have two ‘V’ angles of different sizes to take Jobs of various dimentions. By means of clamps the work can be held rigidly to the ‘V’ Block. The top ‘V’ and bottom ‘V’ are parallel within ± 5 micron and it’s squareness to the end faces and height variations to the ‘V’ Block in a pair is within ± 5 micron.

In Built Features :

 ‘V’ Blocks are hardened and ground To 55 ± 2 HRC.

 Precision ‘V’ Blocks for Tool Room,Inspection, Work, Assembly Shop.

 All sides precision ground, parallel and square.

 ‘V’ groove ground central and Parallel two sides & base, perfect aligned and

matched with ± 5 microns.


 Supplied withl clamp for holding job.

 Hold Square and round work.

 Permits grinding ends of work square with sides.

We also manufacture ‘V’ Blocks with different ‘V’ angles.

Crystal Non Magnetic V Blocks

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

1.Precision V Block for the Most Accurate Tool Room Work.
2. Hardened Steel All Sides Precision Ground Parallel and Square.
3. V-Groove Ground Central and Parallel to Sides and Base ; Perfect Alignment in
Matched Pairs.
4.Holds Square or Round Work. Clamp has Screw Holes of 45 and 90.
5. Permits Grinding Ends of Work Square with Sides.
6. Stepped Groove Construction Permit Low or High Clamp Mounting for Small or
Large Work up to 50 mm, 35 mm Square.
7.Clamps Do Not Project, Permitting Block to be used on Base ends or Sides.
The new AA-1761 is a Precision ‘V’ Block designed for the most accurate tool room and
layout work. Exclusive features give it extra utility versatility not found in other types
of blocks.
By means of special stepped groove and clamp design, the clamps can be mounted on
the ‘V’ Blocks in a low or high position for small or large work. Clamp do not project :
hence block can be used on base, ends or sides.
The V-Block holds both square or round work since the clamp has screw holes at 45
and 90 permitting positive clamping of each type of work in either position. By means
of this feature, the blocks holds round work up to 50 mm diameter and square work
up 35 mm.

Tool-Room V Block

Product Details:
  • Condition: New


Used for Grinding, Light Milling, Drilling & Inspection of Round & Square Jobs.
Accuracy for Flatness, Squareness and Parallelism within ±0.005mm.
Can be used on its base, the ends & on either side.
Hardness 60±2 Rc.
M10 tapping at base M8 tapping on side for clamping on angle plate or face plate or on magnetic chuck.
A clamp with cap & adjustable screws prevents tilting of block.
A clearance hole at centre for drilling or removing of dowel pins.
The "V" at stepped end at right angle to the base provides a handy means for holding shouldered studs round pins etc.

Universal Blocks

These blocks can be used to hold work for internal, external or surface grinding, light turning shaping, milling, drilling, layout, set up work. Beveled surfaces provide ample relief for complete tool passes. These may be used as single, in pairs or three at a time as the application requires. Magnetic Universal blocks are precision ground, accuracy for flatness, parallelism and squareness is within 0.005mm.

The blocks are supplied in a set.

A set consists of three blocks.


Cat. No. AA -1591

Dimensions -75L x50Wx 60H in mm

Magnetic Pull - 75 kgs.


Cat No.


Magnetic Pull


75L X 50W X 60H

75 Kg

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