Crystal Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Magnetic Chucks Heavy Duty


Cat No.Sizes in mm
Bottom Plate
Magnetic Pole
In mm
Magnetic Pole
In mm
AA-15201150 x 100 x 601801616
AA-15202175 x 125 x 602051616
AA-3.5203200 x 100 x 602301616
AA-15204200 x 150 x 602301616
AA-15205250 x 150 x 602801916
AA-15206300 x 150 x 653301916
AA-15207300 x 200 x 653301916
AA-15208350 x 150 x 653801916
AA-15209400 x 150 x 654301916
AA-15210450 x 150 x 654801916
AA-15211450 x 200 x 704801916
AA-15212500 x 200 x 705301916
AA-15213600 x 200 x 706301916
AA-15214450 x 250 x 704801916
AA-3.5215450 x 300 x 704801916
AA-15216600 x 250 x 706301916
AA-15217600 x 300 x 706301916
AA-15218750 x 250 x 707801916

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-152

Magnetic Chucks (Heavy Duty)

"Crystal" Brand Magnetic Chuck is the most widely accepted Permanet Magnetic Chuck, in Machine Tool Industry. Our design offers maximum holding power, ease of installation and operation. Rectangular Magnetic Chucks are manufactured in heavy duty types. Heavy Duty Chuck are suitable for all types of Surface Grinding operations.
Heavy Duty in Close Pole Chuck are for holding thin and small jobs on grinding as well as thick wide jobs for milling. The Rectangular Chucks are also supplied in multiple units assembly of end form to make a chuck of unlimited length, having a regular poles spacing throughout the length.

Round Magnetic Chuck

Round Magnetic Chucks up to Dia 200mm are manufactured with powerful special magnets,
keeping On-Off with knob or Allen Key.
These Chucks are suitable for Lathe, Rotary type grinding Machines, etc.


Cat. No.Dimensions mmPole Gap mm
AA-15921100 Dia x 60 height14
AA-15922150 Dia x 60 height14
M-15923175 Dia x 60 height14
AA-15924200 Dia x 60 height14

Magnetic Chucks Heavy Duty


Cat No.Sizes in mm
Bottom Plate Length
Magnetic Pole Gap
In mm
Magnetic Pole
In mm
AA-15301200 x 150 x 652301416
AA-15302300 x 150 x 653301416
AA-15303300 x 200 x 653301416
AA-15304350 x 150 x 653801416
AA-15305400 x 150 x 654301416
AA-15306450 x 150 x 704801416
AA-15307450 x 200 x 704801416
AA-15308500 x 200 x 705301416
AA-15309600 x 200 x 706301416
AA-15310450 x 250 x 704801416
AA-15311450 x 300 x 704801416
AA-15312600 x 250 x 706301416
AA-15313600 x 300 x 706301416
AA-15314750 x 250 x 707801416

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-153

Rectangular Type Micro Pitch-Permanent Magnetic Chuck

  • New type of chuck in 60mm thickness for Grinding & Electro discharging works from thin plate to thick works in wide range of application Micro pitch Rectangular Chucks.
  • Thin & light weight to meet versatile applications.



Cat. No.Dimensions (mm) L XWX HBottom Plate Length
L l
In mm
Magnetic pole pitch
AA-15926200 x 150 x 602301.5
AA-15927250 x 150 x 602801.5
AA-15928300 x 150 x 603301.5
AA-15929350 x 150 x 603801.5
AA-15930450 x 150 x 604801.5

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-159

Circular Magnetic Chucks

“Crystal” Circular Magnetic Chucks are manufactured in Normal and Heavy Duty types.
Normal duty chucks are suitable for grinding operation on rotary Grinding Machine and on
Heavy duty [Close Pole] chucks are suitable to grind thin small job on grinding machines and
facing thick jobs on lathe.

Type : Normal Duty (Standard lines of Force)
Type : Heavy Duty (Parallel Lines of Force)

Specification: Cat No.Sizes in DxHMagnetic Pole gap in mmPole Width in mm
AA-15901100 x 601414
AA-15902150 x 601414
AA-15903160 x 601616
AA-15904175 x601616
AA-15905200 x 651616
AA-15906225 x 651616
AA-15907250 x 701616
AA-15908315 x 701616
AA-15909375 x 701919
AA-15910400 x 701919
AA-15911450 x 701919

Round Magnetic Chucks

Homogeneous magnetic field throughout the top plate.
The power is adjustable from 0% to 100% by positing the handle.
Top plate is machinable up to 5 mm.
Detachable handle for easy use.

  • Most ideal for disc, ring shaped components.
  • These are powerful and most suitable for all
  • Size components for grinding and light turning.
  • These can be offered with center through
  • Holes as an option for internal grinding and boring operation.
  • Can be made with slots to accommodate
  • Radially adjustable pole shoes.
  • Auxiliary top plates (adapter plates)
  • Available for fixturing.



Cat. No.Dimensions mmNo. Of Poles
AA-15916200 Dia x 60 height8
AA-15917250 Dia x 60 height12
AA-15918300 Dia x 60 height12
AA-15919375 Dia x 60 height16

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