Crystal Universal Blocks

Heavy Duty Surface Gauge

These are very & robust stand are used
whenever the high-test measuring accuracy
and an optimum rigidity is demanded.
The extremely sturdy columns with the rigid
guarantee high-test rigidity. Both stands
have a novel clamping device for the
projection of scriber.
"Crystal" Gauge has simple and rapid setting
of the stand and clamps and scriber in any
position even at moderate tightening.
A fine adjustment device allows rapid and
easy setting at desired size. Suitable for
pattern makers.


Sr.No.Cat No.Length of BaseWidth of BaseHeight of BaseHeight of Column

Universal Surface Gauges

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Universal Surface Gauges have many desirable
features and are designed for a wide range of uses
and are supplied in three sizes.
The base is made from case – hardened steel,
ground on the bottom and at one end.
There is a depression in each side for the thumb
and fingers and the groove in the base adapts it for
use on cylindrical as well as flat surfaces.
There are two gauge pins frictionally held, which
can be pushed down and used against the end of a
surface plate on a T- slot for linear work.
The fine adjustment feature makes it possible to
obtain quick and accurate settings.
This adjustment is made by a knurled thumb screw
which is located at the edge of the rocker.
The rocker runs the 2/3rd length of the base and
pivots against a stiff spring located at the rear end
of the base.
The spindle which passes through rotating head or
lower sleeve can be set above or below the base.
The hardened and ground scriber can be set at any
position on the spindle which in turn can be set at any angle.
On the two larger sizes a 1/4" hole in the spring loaded scriber holder enables a dial indicator to
be fitted.


Sr. No.Cat No.Height MmBase Length MmBase Width Mm

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  • Item Code: AA-141
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