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Electro Perm Magnetic Lifter

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

• Electroperm Magnetic Lifter is Designed to lift single bars or pipe.
• Electroperm Magnetic Lifter is having special provision to adjust the angle
according to diameter of bars or pipe
• Electroperm Magnetic Lifter do not required continues electricity.
• Electroperm Magnetic Lifter can be used in a multiple set if the lengh of
job is more.

• This type of lifter widely used for lifting round bar or pipe

• Designing of electroperm Mangnetic Lifter Depands upon minimum and
maximum size of bar or pipe. (Diameter and lengh)
• Crane Capacity
• Weight of bar or pipe

Electromagnetic Sheet Metal Lifter

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

“CRYSTAL” Brand Electromagnetic Sheet Metal Lifter is very useful in press tool industries and various
applications in sheet metal industries.
Magnetic force is obtained by ON-OFF switch that makes loading and unloading sheet metal components
much easier.
Use of this lifter minimizes accidents in press tool & sheet metal industries due to its light weight.
It is convenient to use and reduces the fatigue in the operation.
Different lengths are possible by moving the magnet which is guided in the slot. The Lifter works on 24 V
DC supply

Sr. no.Cat. No.Handle
Length in mm
Width in mmPot Magnets Dia x HeightRange MagForce
1.AA-31712503025X2025 to 2003 kg
2.AA-31723003040X2040 to 2505 kg
3.AA-31733003050X2540 to 2508 kg

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-317

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Product Details:
  • Condition : New

“CRYSTAL” brand Permanent Magnetic Lifters are compact.
The self contained Permanent Magnet which maintains its holding power.
Indefinitely. The field of the Permanent Magnet is controlled by the “ON-OFF” position of the safety
As no electric power is required, “CRYSTAL” Permanent Magnetic Lifter can operate completely free of
the restriction of power cables. And can be used where electric power is not available.
There is no danger of accident due to failure of electric supply.
Lifting magnets require good surface conditions to achieve maximum lifting.
Ground or machined surfaces are ideal, but a good clean surface or a forging or casting is acceptable
provided sufficient flat area is available for magnet contact with the work piece.
Recommended Lifting capacity is for flat, ground, clean ferrous plates rerated by a factor of three.
The safety factor is required due to such variables as surface condition, contact area, alloy content and
material thickness and may need to be increased if these conditions are particularly adverse.
Higher lifting capacity is available on request.


Cat. No.Size in mm
LXWXH (With Hook)
Lifting capacity(kg)Tested
Self Weight
(In Kg)
1.AA-3111 Al110x60x1401003004
2.AA-3111 A2174x70x16020060010
5.AA-3112 A3258x100x190500150021

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-311

Knife Edge Straight Edge

Product Details:
  • Condition: New

  • Made from high quality wear resistant steel.
  • Fully Hardened to 58 RC.
  • Knife edges precision ground & lapped.
  • Plastic head insulators.
  • Packed in individual wooden Box.



Sr. No.Cat. No.Dimensions in mm LXWXT

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-280

Hardened & Ground Straight Edge

Product Details:
  • Condition : New

  • Made from high quality wear resistant steel.
  • Contact surface precision ground & lapped.
  • Fully hardened to 58 RC up to 300mm length &
  • Above 300mm length working edges are hardened to 58RC.
  • Packed in individual wooden Box.

Sr. no.Cat. No.Dimensions in mm LXWXT

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-290

Magnetic Balancing Weights

“Crystal” Magnetic Balancing Weights are compact Units, embodying powerful, Alnico magnets
assembled in steel Pot by aluminum retaining & insulating rings designed for magnetic Holding
and for balancing purpose for various assemblies.
One side magnetic face & compact design.
They are ground & are supplied with the specific weight available from 5 gms to 500 gms. In
various steps.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-702

Magnetic Pins

Product Details:
  • Condition : New

“Crystal” Magnetic Pins are suitable for checking the run out of Gears.
These Pins are manufactured from powerful Alnico magnets.
Assembled in alloy steel bar & are hard chrome plated for ware resistance.
Precisionly ground as per customer’s requirements.
The Pins are available in various sizes, Length & diameter ranging from 3mm to 20 mm.

  • Diameter Tolerance
  • 3 to 20 mm To the Customer’s Specimen.
  • Length-From 10 to 75 mm and also as per customer’s specifications.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AA-701
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