Tool Room Magnetic Aids

Magnetic Holder

Standard AA – 1511 S

‘Crystal ’ Magnetic Holder has instant grip at the turn of a handle. Incorporating Plain and Vee faces, it is equally effective in securing iron, steel sheets, bars or tubes, on machine bed or any other flat ferrous base. This can be used in Tool Room, Shop Floor, Inspection Department, Assembly Shop, and has unlimited application in Welding Shop.


Hardened AA -1511 H

Same as Cat.No.AA-1511 S but with hardened holding surface and ‘V’ angle. With this type, all ‘V’ angles are equipped with Hardened Steel Plates, which ensure extra resistance.


Cat No.


Magnetic Pull (On Plain)

Magnetic Pull (On 'V' Surface)

1.AA-1511 S - Standard
110 L X 140 H X 110 W125100
2.AA-1511 H-Hardened110 L X 140 H X 110 W10075

Magnetic Rectangular Blocks

Magnetic blocks are designed to hold the steel components in position while welding, marking, and grinding. They are useful in Tool-Room while doing assemblies if jigs and fixtures. They are used with sine tables for inspection of components etc. They can be used as magnetic parallels as the pairs are matched within +-5 micron. For bigger size on-off switch is provided.

Hardened Blocks –H

Same as standard but with Hardened holding surfaces by having hardened bits on here holding surfaces.


Cat No.


1.AA-1931 S25 L X 25W X 25H
2.AA-1932 S75 L X 56W X 60H
3.AA-1933 S100 L X 70W X 70H
4.AA-1934 S150 L X 70W X 85H
5.AA-1932 H75 L X 56W X 60H
6.AA-1933 H100 L X 70W X 70H
7.AA-1934 H150 L X 70W X 85H

Magnetic Sticks

“Crystal ” magnetic sticks are very useful for removing steel particles from blind holes and useful for assembly & maintenance work for removing steel parts lying in oil tanks.

“Crystal ” magnetic sticks are compact unit embodying Powerful ‘Alnico’ Magnets assembled in Stainless Steel pots which are designed for lifting applications. Length can be increased by joining extension.


Cat No.


Length mm

1.AA - 22293 mm150
2.AA - 22205 mm150
3.AA - 22216 mm150
4.AA - 22228 mm150
5.AA - 222310 mm150
6.AA - 222412 mm150
7.AA - 222514 mm150
8.AA - 222615 mm150
9.AA - 222716 mm150
10.AA - 222818 mm150

Magnetic Tool Holder

Designed to hold work magnetically for Inspection and Layout work, very useful for holding odd shaped parts for grinding, having large magnetic surface of 100×175 mm. precision ground.

Accuracy for flatness, parallelism and squareness is within 0.005mm.


Cat No.



200L X 120W X 100H

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